Spring Change calling your name?

Are you feeling the urge to change your hair as the season turns to spring? You aren’t alone. Spring has sprung and it is time for a refreshing new hair color. 

Now what if I told you that this was achievable within minutes and without commitment? Let me introduce you to Celeb Luxury. Our extensive line of Colorwashes and Colorditioners make transforming your look as simple as shampooing and conditioning your hair in the morning before your first zoom meeting…the hardest part is deciding on a shade!

Here is some Celeb Luxury spring inspiration to help you get started:

Viral Pastel Light Pink Colorwash & Colorditioner

This is where color gets really fun!

Using Viral Pastel Light Pink Colorwash first, for only 2-5 minutes, and following up with Pastel Light Pink Colorditioner for 2-20mins will create the perfect soft yet vibrant pastel pink synonymous with spring. As an added bonus, while using the Light Pink Colorditioner you will be repairing your hair, thanks to a built in bond repair treatment called BondFix. Once you are finished your hair will be beautifully colored, nourished and repaired.

The Viral Light Pink Colorwash ​and Colorditioner will make a most impact on pre-lightened or light blonde hair. After achieving your dream pastel spring shade, it only takes minutes to a refresh! Try using every other time you shampoo to maintain the or anytime you would like an added boost to your color.

Spring Color Trend: Strawberry Copper

If pink isn’t what you are looking for, another great option for spring is Strawberry Copper. This red shade is great if you are looking for something less vivid and a little softer for spring?

This custom mix is easy to create using our strawberry blonde Tourmaline Colorwash, and adding a touch of our Ruby Colorwash.

All it takes is a quick and easy shampoo in the salon or at home in the shower using your Custom Mix bottle!

Apply to already pre-lightened damp hair and lather for 2-3 minutes, try a second shampoo for a more intense result.

Spring color inspiration. Fresh. Fun. No commitment.

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