Celeb Luxury Products Purchased from Unauthorized Resellers Put You at Risk.

There are unauthorized resellers in the beauty industry across many e-commerce sites. These resellers did not purchase Celeb Luxury products directly from us. We have not given them permission to sell our products. Since we do not have a relationship with them, we have no control over the authenticity of the products they sell to you.
Unauthorized products are many times priced less to win your purchase dollars. Although you may think you’re getting a deal, you are putting your health and wellness at risk. Celeb Luxury invests thousands of dollars to make sure that our products use the safest direct dyes and ingredients, they are put through third party testing to make sure all of our products are safe for you and they meet all criteria to make sure they are FDA and EU Safety Compliant. While unauthorized products may be appealing to purchase due to their price, they can be unsafe due to the following:

Celeb Luxury Does NOT Guarantee Unauthorized Products

We care about you and your health. Celeb Luxury stands behind every product sold to you through an authorized seller and we will do whatever we can to ensure you have a positive experience and are happy with the our product results.
Purchasing a Celeb Luxury product from an unauthorized seller voids any warranties on our products. If there are any problems with Celeb Luxury products, we are not responsible, and you will need to contact that seller directly.
Please Avoid Purchasing from these Unauthorized Resellers:

eBay, Overstock, Kmart, Wal-Mart,, Groupon, etc.
Celeb Luxury does not authorize the sale of our products through any marketplace sellers or Groupon.
If you have any questions or concerns about unauthorized Celeb Luxury products, please contact contact us at

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